Fire Alarm Systems, Security Systems — Kenosha, WI

Thomas Alarm, Inc.’s professional installation of life safety & security systems helps ensure your Kenosha-area business is protected. We specialize in installation, servicing and inspection of fire alarm systems, security systems, camera systems, card-access readers and structured cabling. What’s more, we never lock you into long-term service contracts. We’re confident you’ll stay with us for our excellent service and value.

Licensed/bonded in Illinois and the City of Chicago, Thomas Alarm has served the Kenosha, WI area as well as western Indiana and Chicagoland with technical excellence in life safety & security systems since 1984. Our Kenosha-area fire alarm and security system technicians work with FireLite, Notifier, Honeywell and many other manufacturers’ systems. We also maintain UL and NICET certification.

Thomas Alarm is ready to serve you when you call. Make us your single source for fire alarm systems and other low-voltage projects including security systems and camera systems in and around Kenosha by contacting us at 630-553-4560.

Kenosha, WI Fire Alarm Systems

Business owners around Kenosha know fire alarm system installation requires more than just being proficient in wiring. It also requires experience selecting equipment, planning installations, preparing sites — as well as troubleshooting and acceptance testing.

Thomas Alarm offers expertise in each of these fire alarm system areas. We’re also knowledgeable about Kenosha, WI, standards, codes and allowable detector/signal types. We’ll account for important concerns such as Kenosha building occupancy standards and other space constraints to help ensure acceptance testing proceeds as planned.

In addition to Thomas Alarm’s extensive experience with Kenosha-area fire alarm system acceptance testing, we document it thoroughly for successful presentation to appropriate governmental authorities. This helps you maintain your business status and remain in operation. 

Thomas Alarm can also identify when system components need replacing to keep your existing fire alarm system reliable. This helps you avoid the kinds of false alarms that irritate tenants and disrupt business. For skilled fire alarm system work in Kenosha, WI, call Thomas Alarm at 630-553-4560.

Security Systems, Kenosha, WI

Thomas Alarm can help protect your Kenosha-area capital, employees and residents by installing reliable security system technologies. With proper security system installation, you rest easier and maximize the return on your investment. So call 630-553-4560 for Kenosha security systems today.

Our technicians working in Kenosha, WI, possess critical knowledge of Kenosha security system standards. With their ability to install a range of camera systems, card readers and other intrusion detection systems, they can account for your personal security system preferences while also meeting manufacturer specifications.

Camera Systems, Kenosha, WI

With Thomas Alarm’s ability to install a wide range of camera systems, we help protect Kenosha multi-tenant residences, businesses and industrial facilities. Our skill set includes closed-circuit camera/television systems, covert camera systems, camera systems for low visibility areas, and zoom/tilt/pan on-demand camera systems.
To create a more secure experience for Kenosha-area employees, tenants and clients, let Thomas Alarm handle your camera system installation and servicing.

Call 630-553-4560 today.

Kenosha, WI Fire Alarm, Security System Service

With our experience, Thomas Alarm makes sure you know how to operate your security system, fire alarm system, camera system or other low-voltage Kenosha installation for day-to-day reliability.

For more on how our life safety & security system services enhance property safety and personal health around Kenosha, WI, call Thomas Alarm at 630-553-4560